44-240 Żory ul. Kościuszki 24
Update : 2023-09-26 19:58:07
Wholesale prices
Currency Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR4.5600 4.6150
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD4.3300 4.3750
Czech crown Czech crown CZK0.1840 0.1890
English pound English pound GBP5.2710 5.3280
Swiss franc Swiss franc CHF4.7370 4.7990
Australian dollar Australian dollar AUD2.7530 2.8150
Canadian dollar Canadian dollar CAD3.1870 3.2490
Danish krone Danish krone DKK0.5210 0.5640
Swedish crown Swedish crown SEK0.3720 0.3960
Norwegian crown Norwegian crown NOK0.3200 0.3790
Detal price
Currency Purchase Sale
Euro Euro EUR 4.5400 4.6700
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD 4.2800 4.4100
Czech crown Czech crown CZK 0.1830 0.1900
English pound English pound GBP 5.2300 5.3700
Swiss franc Swiss franc CHF 4.6700 4.8300
Australian dollar Australian dollar AUD 2.7000 2.8500
Canadian dollar Canadian dollar CAD 3.1500 3.2900
Danish krone Danish krone DKK 0.5170 0.5650
Swedish crown Swedish crown SEK 0.3710 0.3970
Norwegian crown Norwegian crown NOK 0.3190 0.3800
Dirham UAE Dirham UAE AED 1.1500 1.2400
Chinese yuan Chinese yuan CNY 0.5800 0.6650
Israeli shekel Israeli shekel ILS 1.0900 1.1700
Japanese yen Japanese yen (100) JPY 2.9000 3.9000
Mexican peso Mexican peso (100) MXN 25.8000 27.9000
Turkish lira Turkish lira (10) TRY 1.6100 1.9000
Ukrainian hryvnia Ukrainian hryvnia (100) UAH 10.8000 11.6000
Bulgarian lev Bulgarian lev BGN 2.3400 2.5000
Thai baht Thai baht (100) THB 12.1000 13.6000
Hungarian forint Hungarian forint (100) HUF 1.1900 1.2900
Georgian lari Georgian lari GEL 1.6000 1.8300
Albanian lek Albanian lek (100) ALL 4.3000 4.9500
Romanian leu Romanian leu (100) RON 92.0000 100.0000
Icelandic krona Icelandic krona ISK 0.0280 0.0350
Brazilian realBrazilian real BRL0.9445 1.1945
Chilean pesoChilean peso CLP0.0038 0.0058
Dominican pesoDominican peso DOP0.0700 0.1000
Egyptian poundEgyptian pound EGP0.1300 0.2100
Indonesian rupeeIndonesian rupee (1000) IDR0.2500 0.3700
Jordanian dinarJordanian dinar JOD5.6000 7.2000
Kenyan shillingKenyan shilling KES0.0250 0.0450
South Korean wonSouth Korean won (100) KRW0.3000 0.4500
Macedonian denariusMacedonian denarius MKD0.0700 0.0900
Maldivian rupeeMaldivian rupee MVR0.2000 0.4000
Malaysian ringgitMalaysian ringgit MYR0.8000 1.1500
Moroccan dirhamMoroccan dirham MAD0.3800 0.5500
Mauritian rupeeMauritian rupee MUR0.0750 0.1400
New Zealand dollarNew Zealand dollar NZD2.4000 2.8500
Omani rialOmani rial OMR9.0000 13.9000
Peruvian solPeruvian sol PEN1.1000 1.4000
South African randSouth African rand ZAR0.1900 0.2900
Cape Verde escudoCape Verde escudo CVE0.0350 0.0520
Seychellois rupeeSeychellois rupee SCR0.3100 0.4500
Singapore dollarSingapore dollar SGD2.5658 3.0658
Taiwan dollarTaiwan dollar TWD0.0700 0.2000
Tanzanian shillingTanzanian shilling TZS0.0016 0.0030
Tunisian dinarTunisian dinar TND1.3000 1.6400
Vietnamese dongVietnamese dong (100) VND0.0155 0.0298
Coins (USD dolar : banknotes 1 $)
Euro Euro EUR 3.0000 4.6500
U.S. Dollar U.S. Dollar USD 4.2200 4.9000
Czech crown Czech crown CZK 0.1000 0.1880
English pound English pound GBP 3.0000 5.2500
We issue the evidence of buying and selling currencies for companies
Exchange office MAX Żory

Exchange office MAX Żory

44-240 Żory ul. Kościuszki 24

Withdrawn Swiss francs 8 series
Withdrawn banknotes wholesale prices
Swiss franc 8 seriesSwiss franc 8 seriesCHF84.4570
Withdrawn british poundWithdrawn british poundGBP4.9100
Withdrawn australian dollarWithdrawn australian dollarAUD2.2160
Withdrawn czech korunaWithdrawn czech korunaCZK0.1300
Withdrawn canadian dollarWithdrawn canadian dollarCAD2.4050
Withdrawn swiss francWithdrawn swiss francCHF4.0310
Withdrawn hungarian forintWithdrawn hungarian forintHUF0.0070
Falkland poundFalkland poundFKP4.9100
Guernsey poundGuernsey poundGGP4.9100
Irish poundIrish poundIEP4.9100
Jersey poundJersey poundJEP4.9100
Scottish poundScottish poundSCP4.9100
Pound Isle of ManPound Isle of ManIMP4.9050
German markGerman markDEM1.6900
Estonian kroonEstonian kroonEEK0.2640
Belgian francBelgian francBEF0.0800
Slovak crownSlovak crownSKK0.0940
Latvian latsLatvian latsLVL5.4880
Lithuanian litasLithuanian litasLTL1.0900
Luxembourg francLuxembourg francLUF0.0890
Withdrawn croatian kunaWithdrawn croatian kunaHRK0.5000
Slovenian tolarSlovenian tolarSIT0.0190
Withdrawn banknotes Detal price
Swiss franc 8 series Swiss franc 8 seriesCHF84.2700
Withdrawn british pound Withdrawn british poundGBP4.8800
Withdrawn australian dollar Withdrawn australian dollarAUD1.8600
Withdrawn czech koruna Withdrawn czech korunaCZK0.0970
Withdrawn canadian dollar Withdrawn canadian dollarCAD2.1800
Withdrawn swiss franc Withdrawn swiss francCHF3.7900
Withdrawn hungarian forint Withdrawn hungarian forintHUF0.0036
Falkland pound Falkland poundFKP4.4800
Guernsey pound Guernsey poundGGP4.4800
Irish pound Irish poundIEP4.4800
Jersey pound Jersey poundJEP4.4800
Scottish pound Scottish poundSCP4.4800
Pound Isle of Man Pound Isle of ManIMP4.4800
German mark German markDEM1.6400
Estonian kroon Estonian kroonEEK0.1760
Belgian franc Belgian francBEF0.0680
Slovak crown Slovak crownSKK0.0060
Latvian lats Latvian latsLVL4.7700
Lithuanian litas Lithuanian litasLTL0.7400
Luxembourg franc Luxembourg francLUF0.0860
Withdrawn croatian kuna Withdrawn croatian kunaHRK0.4900
Slovenian tolar Slovenian tolarSIT0.0190
The exchange rates do not constitute an offer within the meaning of the law and may be interpreted only as information.

Our currency offer:

Currently, we offer you the exchange of 140 world currencies, including, of course, the most popular: euro, British pound, US dollar, Swiss franc and Czech crown - the ability to negotiate prices regardless of the amount of currency exchanged, as well as the ability to order currency by phone for a later date. On our website, the exchange rates are determined on an ongoing basis based on data from the currency exchange. When exchanging foreign currencies, there may be a temporary lack of a specific currency.

How to get to exchange office:

Our exchange office is located in the Biedronka store in the very center of Żory, at the roundabout of Stodolna, Kościuszki and Huloki streets. In front of the store there is a large parking lot for customers of the store and our exchange office, please remember that working hours differ from the working hours of the store.

Become our customer

For our regular customers, we always offer a better exchange rate for the purchase or sale of currencies offered in our exchange office, ask for a loyalty card, we also invite other exchange offices in Żory to cooperate in the purchase and sale of currencies.

Currency exchange A1 motorway exit

You are planning a trip abroad for holidays, you need a foreign currency, please visit the MAX exchange office in Żory. When traveling along the A1 motorway towards the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Slovenia, Hungary or Croatia, you can leave the A1 motorway on the section Autostrada Bursztynowa to the road 935 to the center Żor, or traveling along the national road 81, take the exit to ul. Kościuszki near the Orlen petrol station and heading towards the center of Żory and at the first roundabout, follow the direction of CH Biedronka where our exchange office is located. We offer the exchange of all holiday currencies of the world.

For Customers

A special, discreet room for larger transactions.
- VIP customer service station,
- invisible for other people.

Location of the exchange office in Żory

The exchange office is located in the Biedronka store in the center of Żory. In front of the store there is a large parking lot for customers of the store and our office.